Meet Patty Tolar
Coach, Hypnotherapist, Equine Facilitated Coach, Sales Expert

Patty Tolar has made it her mission to empower women to live into their full potential. Through several modalities, she coaches them on a professional and personal level to break through limiting beliefs and to move them forward into next-level success, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, increasing their sales results, or connecting deeper with themselves and others for more meaningful relationships. Her work can go as deep as healing physical and chronic pain, once emotional issues are cleared.  


Trained as a Life and Business Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, she also incorporates her training in Equine Facilitated Coaching into her work. Combining the wisdom and transformational power of these three modalities, she offers her clients a unique approach, which allows them to experience accelerated personal transformation in a way that no one else provides.


Always a risk-taker, Patty's path has been unusual and often “outside the box.” Born and raised in central Florida, she and her husband, Greg, raised world-class Arabian horses. After falling in love with the Shenandoah Valley they moved their Arabian Horse breeding farm to Waynesboro, Virginia, where they built their dream farm.


When the economic downturn happened, Patty determined it was time for change. She switched gears and re-invented herself to become an award-winning Real Estate Agent. She realized she had a passion for sales but the extreme ups and downs of the real estate market was not so appealing.


After some research she decided to transition into a career in professional business-to-business sales, and began work with a local printing company. Within six years she became the company's top salesperson, earning a six-figure income. Her sales topped one million yearly, surpassing any previous salesperson's record in the company.


A firm believer in the “Think and Grow Rich” mindset, Patty was sure she could replicate her success wherever she went and achieved her dream of relocating her family to western Montana. It was there that she felt ready to move into a new career path and became interested in Life Coaching. She then became certified by the Coaches Training Institute.

As Patty developed her coaching business in Montana, she found many of her clients struggled with moving beyond the self-imposed blocks that slowed their business and personal success. She believed that there was a solution -- one that would deliver to her clients the personal transformation and change that so many claimed to provide, but usually left their clients needing much more! Patty found the solution in learning to working with the unconscious mind. In 2012 she trained as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. This training allows her to help her clients become conscious of the limiting beliefs and old stories that are holding them back so that they move forward and make rapid and lasting change.


Combining a success mindset with the same sales process that made her a million-dollar sales executive creates amazing momentum for her clients' businesses, helping them to attract their perfect prospects, close more sales, and earn abundant incomes!


Patty delivers her "magic" in 1:1 coaching sessions, bi-monthly workshops, and specialized sales and mindset programs. To see how Patty can help you, click the button below and schedule a quick 15-minute chat. .