Horse Power Wisdom Coaching

Experience the power of living your potential

Patty offers individual sessions at her home in Conner, MT., in workshops and retreats through the U.S. (check events for her schedule). She is often available for individual sessions in the areas she is giving her workshops so check with her if you are interested in experiencing one of her deep-dive sessions at your barn.

Equine Assisted Coaching/Equine Facilitated Learning has grown from the knowledge that horses are consummate facilitators in the work of personal development.


Anyone who has spent any amount f time with horses will realize that Magic happens when humans and horses come together.

Patty, certified in Equine Assisted Coaching, is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Life & Business Coach.  Combining the wisdom and transformational power of these three modalities, she offers her clients a unique approach, which allows them to experience accelerated personal transformation in a way that no one else provides. Patty incorporates the Ancient Wisdom of The Horse through a series of specially designed activities that allow you to accelerate your personal transformation and blast through limiting beliefs and self-doubt. EFL clients experience amazing personal insight and lasting accelerated transformation. 


Horse Power Wisdom To Empower Your Partnership with Your Horse

What if.... the key to a deeper relationship and improved performance with your horse is a better understanding of yourself?

Would you like to have a deeper connection with your horse(s) and a partnership that results in higher levels of performance?

I have had a raging case of horse fever since I was five so it isn't a surprise that becoming certified in Equine Assisted Learning was a must for me. Already a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life coach adding EAL to my other training seemed like a dream come true. 


My intention was to focus on personal growth and development work using the Equine Assisted Learning to deepen their experience and transformation. However, the horses had another plan for my business. They spoke to me loud and clear, showing me another way of using the wisdom and experience that I acquired over my lifetime with horses. What they taught me is that

the same work we do to help my clients grow personally can also help the committed equestrian develop remarkable insights into how to communicate more clearly and develop a profound relationship with their horse(s).

Working with me will:


Allow you to understand what you are communicating to your horse on an unconscious level.

  • Teach you how to adjust what your horse is feeling from you by developing your personal awareness.

  • Connect with your horse on a deeper level.

  • Learn how your emotional state (conscious and unconscious) affects your partnership with your horse and how to change it.

  • Learn how to focus your energy in a way that helps your horse during an event.

  • become much more aware of how your state of body and mind affects the horses you interact with and how you can adjust it for more successful interactions with horses.


I offer private sessions with you and your horse in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana and will be available for sessions when I an in other areas for workshops. 

Coming soon - A workshop just for Equestrians - Understanding What You are Communicating to Your Horse.

"Since our session with Patty, I have become much more aware of how my state of body and mind affects the equines I interact with. As a competitor, I have been able to focus my energy in a way that helps my horse during an event. It has been incredibly rewarding to connect to my horses in an even deeper level than before and feel that my areas of hidden turmoil are more reachable and are not hindering to our teamwork." Dr. Kelly Stoneburner

I also received this message from her after she completed the 2019 Tevis Ride "All the training we did with you definitely helped!!!"