You love what you do and the impact your work has in the world. You would do it for free if you could. But you know that to grow the business of your dreams you have to sell your services and programs. And if you are like most women entrepreneurs I talk to, you really hate selling.

… Maybe it’s that feeling of dread that starts long before the actual sales conversation...

… Or the icky feeling in your stomach...

… Or the unbalanced feeling when you are out of integrity. But you press on, trying to follow a sales script that just seems so manipulative. It doesn't help that you feel all the energy deflate out of the conversation when you bring up your services or programs.

Or maybe you just can't bring yourself to ask for the sale at all.

And when the sales conversation ends you breathe a huge sigh of relief, even if you didn’t make the sale. You are just so glad it is over.


Don't worry. There is a way to feel good about selling your programs or services.

My sales and mindset coaching is unique. I bring to it a fusion of my 25+ years of sales experience combined with my hypnotherapy talents. What I've come to learn is that mindset is everything in sales, and it is your unconscious mind that is sabotaging your selling efforts.

When you combine a proven sales process with a transformative shift of your mindset, you'll tap into the real power you have within to authentically sell with ease and confidence. Imagine,… no more resistance keeping you stuck,… no more procrastination,… no more awkward sales conversations. With the shift in your mindset that we will create together, you'll find a new confidence to take action that will generate the sales momentum in your business to catapult it to the next level. 


I'd love to explore how I can help you explode your sales results. Click the button below to schedule a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session.

Or, if you know you're ready, just schedule a VIP Visioning Day. In this 3-hour life-changing session, I help you create a powerful vision of your future. We'll clear away the doubts and fears that are keeping you stuck where you are, so that you step into the life and success that you deserve. 

You'll gain crystal clarity into:

  • Your “why” -- both on a personal and business level

  • Who your business serves

  • The blocks that are holding you back

  • Your “next step” and how to move forward from your present level

Whether you are feeling stuck in your business or in your personal life, let’s get you moving forward again.

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