Here are what clients say about their experience of working with Patty Tolar

"This summer we were privileged to take a trip out west traveling and competing our horses in various endurance rides. While on the road we were able to stay with Patty and Greg. During our stay I had the opportunity to work with Patty one on one. First we went over some exercises together and then moved to the round pen with my mare Hope. We first worked on some relaxation and self awareness exercises. Even though I consider myself pretty in tune and aware of my feelings I was surprised to find some areas that I was struggling in. For example, as a veterinarian I see suffering routinely and find this difficult to cope with. I had not realized how much of this stress I had stored inside. Just acknowledging and being aware of this sadness brought a huge sense of peace over me.

We then moved to the round pen with Hope, a mare with quite a story of her own. Hope came to us from some dear friends who had bought her from a horse dealer who had bid against a meat buyer at an auction that is known for being the last page for many unfortunate equines. Although they loved her dearly they wanted her obvious talents to be utilized and so they trusted us to take her and see if she liked endurance. Although I have trained many horses Hope has taught me an incredible amount. I never knew for sure what her previous life had been- but clearly she had been through some rough times. I had rarely experienced a horse that could feel your inner soul and emotions as easily as Hope. 

Again, although I was aware that Hope could read my emotions, it was not until Patty really mentored us that I was able to see so clearly the effect my inner state had on this mare. Through simple ground exercises and changing my focus in my mind, heart, and gut I was able to watch Hope become nervous and distracted or relaxed and completely focused.

Since our session with Patty I have become much more aware of how my state of body and mind affects the equines I interact with. As a competitor I have been able to focus my energy in a way that helps my horse during an event. It has been incredibly rewarding to connect to my horses in an even deeper level than before and feel that my areas of hidden turmoil are more reachable and are not hindering to our teamwork. Thank you, Patty, for taking the time to share your passion and expertise with us!"

Dr. Kelly Stoneburner D.V.M.

" I have benefitted from Patty's wisdom,skill and friendship for many years. She is always growing and seeking new perspectives in order to assist others in unveiling their true power.  Personally, I am surprised how quickly and succinctly, revelations come. The space Patty creates hones in on what you need most so you can heal. Becoming aware of where I am stuck, speeds up my ability to move forward. I have had amazing breakthroughs with each session. If your on a seeking path, I recommend you connect with Patty. Peace and Joy to you."

Jennifer Rivera

"Amazing, unexpected, magical! I did not have any idea of how my session would be but the experience with Patty and Hanna had a much greater impact than I could have imagined.

"We started with an extensive coaching/hypnotherapy session and then moved to the round pen to work with Hanna after working with Hanna we finished with a debrief coaching session. The result was instant, unexpected and deep emotional releases which left me not only feel much lighter and more joyful emotionally but also resulted in a totally unexpected improvement in my hips. I have been struggling with the mobility in my hips which had been replaced last year. They now feel more open and flexible and I was able to walk much farther this morning than I have since the surgery.

"I am a massage therapist and the issues with my hips has been making it more difficult for me to do body work on my clients. The one I did today was so much easier for me and when I was finished I was not tired and in pain. "

Sharon A.  EFL CLient

"I have always been interested in hypnotherapy and energetic work but the idea of allowing another person to be that intimate with my spirit was intimidating! Would I be in control of my thoughts and feelings? What if I say something embarrassing? Would I be able to relax enough to do what was expected? What if I was so shielded and resistant that I had no feeling? Would the guide get frustrated with me?


"These are some of the fears that manifested in my mind breeding a pool of anxiety that prevented me from exploring this type of work for many years.


"Patty has quickly become a highly trusted friend and I decided to do a session with her after she assured me that it would be a completely safe environment and that there would be no pressure to go beyond my comfort zone.​

"I chose to focus my intent for the session on wanting to feel more productive in my daily life and career because I have struggled with anxiety over the years about productivity; it’s not that I’m not productive but rather I often set a standard on myself that I believe others expect of me and if I don’t meet these fabricated expectations in my head then I am not worthy.


"We began our session on a beautiful Monday afternoon in her backyard. The autumn colors, the gurgling creek, the scent of fresh pine and earth after a rain, the serenity of being in the woods, the mossy wooden corral, and her majestic black Canadian mare created the most perfectly surreal environment for the work which was about to happen!


"Patty began with her intro and guided me into a meditative state, where I became fully aware of every sensation in my body. She asked me to draw into the most significant sensation and look for a message. At first this was very difficult for me and the sensation almost went away. I laughed as I compared the reaction to a crab (my astrological sign is Cancer) being poked at and retreating into the safety of it’s shell! Patty then asked me to go back to that area trying not to force anything but breathe into it and tell it that it was safe to come out. I was almost convinced that I was just too resistant for this kind of work but after a couple of minutes and receiving total acceptance and patience we were able to coax the shy little crab out of it’s shell!


"What happened next was incredible! The sensation came back along with a very clear memory from my childhood. At that same time her beautiful horse, Hannah, who had been quietly grazing through the entire session began pacing and approached the area we were sitting for the first time; it was like she could feel the energetic breakthrough and was connecting to that little girl inside my heart that needed a loving friend!


"I have never been an overly emotional or expressive person and it can be difficult for me to dig deep into the root of my feelings even with the people who are dearest to me and so I was surprised that the following exercises came fairly effortlessly as I was able to identify an occurrence in my childhood that lead me to mentally create expectations that I believed others had set on me. It has been these false expectations that has led to so much anxiety over the years and feeling like I wasn’t good enough if I wasn’t being productive every minute of my waking hour whether in the home or work environment.


"I felt safe and comfortable in Patty’s presence and was able to talk about feelings that I haven’t shared to that extent with anyone else. Essentially, I told that little girl’s story and by doing so I was able to identify what she needed to feel worthy.


"The second part of the experience took us into the corral with her horse. It was very interesting because have I spent a number of years training horses and it was unnatural at first for me to go in there without a mission but to get out of my head and just be. Once I did that I had on overwhelming feeling of total acceptance and peace between myself and the animal. The main thing I learned from my experience with Hannah was that it is ok to interact with another person, animal, nature, or simply ones-self without having an objective. In other words, just BE; simply slowdown, quiet the mind, and enjoy the moment and the energetic presence of all that surrounds you!


"Needless to say, the whole experience was very magical and made me a believer! Over the past week since our session I have felt more energetic in the workplace with little to no anxiety and I feel like my newfound acceptance has left ­me with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment at the end of the day!


"I give my deepest heartfelt thanks to Patty for such a positive and unforgettable experience!"

- C.L.​

"I highly recommend coaching/hypnotherapy with Patty Tolar. Some of the most valuable sessions for me have been the hypnotherapy sessions dealing with core issues. Although I was skeptical about actually being able to make progress in areas that have frustrated me for many years, I have had very noticeable changes in areas such as self-confidence and assertiveness, which have helped me in all areas, not just business. She has an intuitive ability to guide you through the places where you might be sabotaging yourself and to issues that you may not even be consciously aware of."

Catherine Walden
The Secret Garden Gallery and Custom Framing

"Patty has helped me to address and heal many aspects in my life. I had blocks that affected every aspect of my life; relationships with friends and family, business relationships, with the worst block effecting my relationship with myself. With her assistance, I have been able to identify and heal old wounds that interfered with my ability to love and honor myself. As I have been letting go of and healing these wounds, the pain and the anger, I have been able to feel good about doing things I love….and people who love similar things are coming into my life…who are on similar paths. The love and support has been amazing….and I owe it to Patty to helping me and supporting me in my life’s journey. I will continue to support her in her life’s journey of helping women.” 

Renee Huddleson

 "I was curious and wondered whether hypnosis could be done effectively over the phone. Patty assured me that for many clients it was as effective as in-person sessions so I decided to find out for myself. Since I’d experienced an in-person session, I wasn’t as sure of success with a phone session. Well, let me tell you what happened.

"Patty and I talked for a couple of minutes. I told her what I hoped to get from the session, she asked a few questions to clarify, then we began.
"We continued and throughout the session, as I was experiencing the session, I was aware of enjoying myself despite being fully engaged in a deep trance state. I discovered I could talk to Patty without interfering with my trance. She asked me questions, I interjected preferences, we adjusted and adapted to create exactly the experience I wanted. I’m delighted to say that the process was a complete success that exceeded my expectations.

"So it is with pleasure that I recommend Patty Tolar as a skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist."

Gayle Evans, RN Grass Valley, CA

"Patty Tolar is a wonderful life and business coach. I am a first-time business owner and I am truly thankful that Patty was there to help through the process of opening and operating my business right from the start. She was devoted to making sure my business was successful in the ways that were just right for my needs. Every session with Patty brought about new insight and ideas on how to run my business more effectively. Everything from marketing to everyday operations, Patty really got me in touch with my creativity and my individual abilities. Through her use of hypnosis, we were able to identify fears and apprehensions that were holding me back. With Patty’s help, I was able to move out of fear and step gracefully into my power as a successful business woman. Patty is innovative and determined. She is passionate about what she does and helps others to feel the same about what they do. Thank you, Patty!"

Jessika DeCharm 
Owner Peacock Preschool

"Patty Tolar is an exceptional teacher! Her insightful, thoughtful and calm demeanor always helps me focus on what she is saying, but also what others in the group have to share. She brings everyone together in a way that opens dialogue. She guides the group in a peaceful way but offers strong insightful comments to move the class to the next level of instruction. She has helped me look at my business (and life) in a different way. I highly recommend her classes!"

Gabriele Mecca