VIP Power Visioning Day

Stuck, Frustrated, or Confused?

To create the business and life you are dreaming of living, you must have crystal-clear clarity on what that looks like. First, you must understand where you are now and where you want to be. You must be clear on your purpose.


Trying to move forward without having a clear vision is like getting into a car to take a drive without knowing where you want to arrive. Whether you are feeling stuck in your business or in your personal life, we'll get you moving forward again. 


We'll spend 3 hours together in a life-changing session, where I'll help you create a powerful vision of your future. We'll clear away your doubts and fears so you can easily step into the life and success that you dream of. We'll craft a 90-day plan of action to catapult you forward with ease.

You gain crystal clarity into:

  • Your “why” both on a personal and business level

  • Who your business is designed to serve

  • The blocks that are holding you back

  • Your “next step” and how to move forward from your present level


BONUS #1 (VALUE $200)
30-minute Pre-VIP session – on this call you will set your intention for your VIP Day and create a clear set of expectations allowing you to receive the benefits you desire during our time together.

BONUS #2 (Value $250) 
Follow-up session – The session will be scheduled 14 days after your VIP session. We will look at what you have accomplished in the two weeks since our meeting, address any challenges you are facing, and create strategies to guarantee your success in reaching your 90-day goals.

BONUS #3 (Value - $395)
Personalized audio created JUST FOR YOU. This audio is a meditation designed to address your most challenging limiting belief and reinforce your vision of you accomplishing your goals for you to listen to as often as you desire. This is an exclusive product NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!


BOOK BEFORE JANUARY 1st and you will pay ONLY $497


"When I came to Patty, I was wrestling with a pretty serious financial challenge. Patty showed me how I could reach my first financial goal. This is remarkable because I would have told you that goal was impossible before I got on the phone. Seriously. She gave me clear steps to take, spelled out terms I know I could do to get me to my goal. I had no sense of that path before we talked and now it's as clear as can be. What a gift."

                                                                 Rachel Z Cornell,

Putting an End to Procrastination and Perfectionism and Start Seeing Results



If you are not sure this is for you or have any other questions, please email Patty.