Body Scan Audio
Access the Emotional Wisdom of your body

We often seek to transform our old stories, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt into feelings of personal empowerment that will support us as we step into new and challenging visions for our future. We seek to become who we need to be to manifest our biggest dreams and reach our ever-expanding goals. Unfortunately, we often find our greatest challenge is changing and reprograming the old patterns that drive our emotions and create our actions at an unconscious level.

This short audio is an introduction to using your body as an emotional sensing device. It guides you through a short body scan helping you become aware of the emotions and limiting beliefs buried within your body.

As you allow yourself to be guided through this quick body scan you l become conscious of what you are feeling in the present moment and acknowledge the emotions and old stories that are storied within your bodies.

Most of my clients are surprised when I first take them through this simple exercise to find they feel their emotions in their body. The body-mind connection is amazingly powerful! You may not feel anything the first time you practice your body scan. Don’t judge – just embrace this exercise with a sense of curiosity and openness and with practice you will become aware of the feelings stored within your body.

It is difficult to change what you are not aware of and when you use your body to help bring you into the truth of what you are feeling and experiencing, you are given the power to question what it true and real. It empowers you to make choices from a place of consciousness instead of old emotional patterns.

Meet Patty Tolar
Coach, Hypnotherapist, Equine Facilitated Coach, Sales Expert

Patty Tolar has made it her mission to empower women to live into their full potential. Through several modalities, she coaches them on a professional and personal level to break through limiting beliefs and to move them forward into next-level success, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, increasing their sales results, or connecting deeper with themselves and others for more meaningful relationships. Her work can go as deep as healing physical and chronic pain, once emotional issues are cleared.  

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