Your Body Scan Audio
Access the Emotional Wisdom of your body

This ten-minute audio is an introduction to using your body as an emotional sensing device. It guides you through a short body scan helping you become aware of the emotions and limiting beliefs buried within your body.

Allowing yourself to be guided through this body scan will enable you to become conscious of what you are feeling in the present moment and acknowledge the emotions and old stories that are storied within your bodies.

You may not feel anything the first time you practice your body scan. Don’t judge – just embrace this exercise with a sense of curiosity and openness and with practice you will become aware of the feelings stored within your body.

I suggest you listen to it daily for the first week. With a little practice, you will be able to "check-in" with your body without using this audio and will find it valuable to practice this several times a day, especially if you are feeling stressed and unfocused.


Using your body to help you be fully present and aware of what you are feeling and experiencing allows you the power to question what is true and real. It empowers you to make choices from a place of consciousness instead of old emotional patterns.

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