Custom Guided Meditation
 Move past fear, anxiety & uncertainty
into peace, confidence & inspired action

Are you feeling FEARFUL, FRUSTRATED, and ANXIOUS and overcome with inertia and don’t know what to do next?

Everything has changed overnight, and you need to be your most creative, resourceful and inspired self! To be centered and calm, and allow yourself to choose your actions from a sense of confidence and safety.

But instead, you are overwhelmed and frozen, feeling powerless and frustrated.

You know you need to be in a more powerful state

feeling confident, creative, and healthy.

But you are struggling to feel that powerful sense of

peace and courage!

Would you like to let go of feeling helpless, overwhelmed,

and fearful and replace them with feeling

powerful, secure, and hopeful.

I can help you through this challenge!

I have talked with so many people this week who tell me they need support to overcome the fear and stress they are experiencing. They are distressed and struggling and are searching for ways to feel better, be inspired, determined, and energized to move forward into the future, whatever that will look like.

Their pain has inspired me to make my Custom Guided Meditation available to YOU. These Guided Meditations are personally created just for you. In the past, I have only created them for my  Clients who are enrolled in my high-end coaching programs.

This month, I am offering to create a limited number of my Custom Guided Meditations. This audio recording will be created JUST FOR YOU to address the challenges you are facing in your life, your personal fears and overwhelm. Your meditation will speak to you on a much deeper level than any generic meditation can because it will be created for your ears (and unconscious) only.

Why a custom Guided Meditation? Why not just download one of the many free meditations available online?


Great question! The programming of your unconscious mind is unique to YOU. How you feel and respond to situations and challenges is based on the distinctive and individual connections in your unconscious. One size does not fit all. One person's overwhelming challenge is another's inspired opportunity. The value you receive when listening to a custom guided meditation can not be compared to the benefit of listening to a generic meditation! You will receive 100X more value because it is created based on unconscious beliefs and old stories that are creating your current responses.

Your 20-minute Custom Guided Meditation will focus on what you need to help you overcome your fears and challenges. You will be guided into a state of confidence and peace replacing your feelings of overwhelm and powerlessness, opening you up to all the possibilities that are currently blocked by your fear.

Because each one is custom created for your personal needs, I will schedule a time for us to talk about what you want your meditation to address, your deepest fears and greatest frustrations and what you need to release to take inspired action to move your life forward with greater confidence.

After we talk, I will record your Custom Guided Meditation and email it to you within 72 hours.

Click here and schedule your 30-minute call that will allow me to create a Personal Guided Meditation just for you and move you past fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, into peace, confidence, and inspired action.

Are you ready to let go of your fear and confusion?

50% Off Through 3/31/2020

Schedule your appointment NOW and take advantage of this limited-time offer!

Full Price $397   50% Discount $197 - Through 4/15/2020

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Meet Patty Tolar
Sales Expert, Hypnotherapist, Equine Facilitated Coach

Patty Tolar has made it her mission to empower women to live into their full potential. Through several modalities, she coaches them on a professional and personal level to break through limiting beliefs and to move them forward into next-level success, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, increasing their sales results, or connecting deeper with themselves and others for more meaningful relationships. Her work can go as deep as healing physical and chronic pain, once emotional issues are cleared.  

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