Daily Practice for Success
A 30-day break-through program to help you master your mindset to create greater success and joy in your life

Are you feeling unfocused and not accomplishing as much as you would like in this time of chaos?

How do you regain a sense of control when there is so much that you have no control over? Every day we are flooded with new challenges and never experienced situations.

We can control one thing – our response. How we respond will dictate how we experience these challenges and what our life will be like as we move past the current disruption.

What my clients and friends are telling me is that it isn’t easy to stay out of fear, anxiety, and worry and be focused on a positive outcome.

I have been asking myself – how can I help? What I realized is that being extremely disciplined with my daily practice is the path to managing my responses. To go inward every day and set my mind on what I want more of and take my focus off all the very loud noise around what I do not want in my life and business!

I have created this FREE 30-day program to help you focus on what you want – not what you don’t want in your life! To developed mindset mastery that will help you move forward – in this time of uncertainty.

I invite you to join me for this new program.

Daily Practice for Success  


A 30-day break-through program to help you master your mindset to create greater success and joy in your life.

If you are ready to experience greater success in your life, lose the feeling of overwhelm and reduce stress once and for all then you are in the right place!


In today’s rapidly changing world many feel their days are totally out of control. They tell me that they are struggling with the desire to stay positive and hopeful, to be productive and focus on their next step. But they’ve hit the wall with no energy, clarity, or motivation to move forward.


I completely understand, I have been in your shoes. That is why I felt inspired to create this program for you!


Daily Practice for Success is what you have been searching for.

Put your attention on what you want, and it will become your reality!


This FREE 30-day breakthrough program will help you developed a daily practice that will allow you to go from feeling over stressed, stuck in overwhelm, and feeling out of control to feeling like the master of your mindset and your day; focused, in control, and energized. You will be able to identify your next step and move into inspired action.


I can show you the way because I know what it takes to conquer your fear and anxiety so you can create a sense of calm and focus your attention on your next step, the step that will move you toward the success you seek.

I have been down the path you are on and I learned how to move beyond overwhelm and leap over the wall to greater success than I thought possible. To take back my personal power!

I have attended classes, workshops, and read current research on the habits of very successful people. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I understand how our old patterns and limiting beliefs can sabotage our efforts to reach higher levels of success and happiness.

What I have learned is that the most important habit you can developed is to create a Daily Practice with several specific parts. It is especially important when you are experiencing a time of great challenge.

When I started using this Daily Practice in my life the results were amazing!

I felt in control of my day and able to make conscious choices about how I responded to outer circumstances. I could stay focused on the outcome I desired. Do less and produce greater results. I no longer felt overwhelmed, stuck, and over stressed.

And I am excited to teach you how to create a powerful Daily Practice for your life!

Daily Practice to Success includes:

  • The four most important things to include in your Daily Practice

  • An easy template to follow30 Daily emails to help you create your personal practice

  • Weekly live events to answer your questions and help you overcome the challenges that come up as you develop this empowering new habit

  • A Facebook group you offer moral support as you forge a new path


Helping you move from where you presently are to where you want to be is my passion. Creating a powerful Daily Practice is a small step that can catapult you towards the vision you have for your future.

I invite you to imagine new possibilities.


What would it feel like to wake up each morning feeling excited about your day?

To feel like you are in control of your day

To experience the possibility of moving your business or career forward without overwhelm and frustration

To experience real work/life balance in your life

To become unshakable in this time of rapid change

I want you to know that you CAN experience your life this way.

Are you ready to start making your Daily Practice a must do in your life?


I invite you to sign up today and join me for this free program that can change the way you experience your life.

Don’t miss out – sign up today and start your 30-day journey to greater success and joy in your life.



Just think – 30 days to conquer your day, reduce stress and leave overwhelm behind.


Are you ready to take control?

Meet Patty Tolar
Coach, Hypnotherapist, Equine Facilitated Coach, Sales Expert

Patty Tolar has made it her mission to empower women to live into their full potential. Through several modalities, she coaches them on a professional and personal level to break through limiting beliefs and to move them forward into next-level success, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder, increasing their sales results, or connecting deeper with themselves and others for more meaningful relationships. Her work can go as deep as healing physical and chronic pain, once emotional issues are cleared.  

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