Easy & Confident Sales

Are you tired of struggling with sales?

I understand – totally. I have been there, but the truth is until you master sales you are always going to struggle with growing your business.

If you are ready to grow your business to six-figures and beyond there is no other option - you must learn how to sell with confidence and authority.


Sales is the #1 Skill that you need to create the business you dream of owning.

Now that you have read that, are you kicking, screaming, and ready to run as far as possible to look for someone that will promise you unlimited (you fill in the blank) without selling. Promising you that you can stay behind your computer and never have to interact with a HUMAN!!


I hate to burst your bubble – that simply is not the truth.


If you have ever worked with one of the high-end coaches who have multi-7-figure businesses they ALL HAVE SALES TEAMS that contact you in person. Highly-paid sales teams referred to as coaches, but their primary function is to sell you into the guru’s programs.


If they could grow their sales without having to pay a sales team do you think they would?

Yet, most struggling and stuck entrepreneurs will do almost anything to avoid selling!


Is that you?


Do you feel sleazy and out of integrity when you have a sales conversation?


You don’t know what to say


You don’t know how to say it!

You have limiting beliefs that make you feel uncomfortable and anxious when you have a sales conversation


You have old stories that tell you your desire to be wealthy is wrong and that you are not enough to be successful


And we know that the fastest way to become wealthy and successful is mastering sales!


But you hate sales!!


What if?

You could learn how to sell in a way that allows you to be in your highest integrity and look forward to having sales conversations and presentations.

You knew what to say and how to say with ease and unshakeable confidence. 

You could transform your limiting beliefs and old stories into ones that support a vision of your unlimited potential.


You Can!


For the entrepreneur who doesn't like sales or know what to say, I am offering three FREE masterclasses to help you grow your business and income.

Introduction to Easy & Confident Sales


Sign up here for access to Easy & Confident Sales

Class #1 -  Sales Mindset Mastery - Breakthrough to selling with confidence - How to develop a success mindset and feel confident when having sales conversations. This class was recorded and you will receive a link to the recording.

Class #2 - Answering the “why you” questions When you can confidently answer the why you question with absolute confidence your sales and income will skyrocket. In this webinar, we will explore how to set your business apart and help your prospects understand why your business is the best source, the business they want to work with! 


Class #3 - Conversations That Sell – six steps to creating sales conversations that grow your business and income. If you are uncomfortable having a sales conversation, struggle with knowing what to say, or just want to double your sign-ups you will not want to miss this class!!


Sign up for this free program HERE

The success of your business depends on the success of your sales!

What if you could master Easy and Confident Selling?

Are you ready to move past your comfort zone and skyrocket your sales?

What would your Unlimited Business look like?​

© 2019 by Patty Tolar.

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