Sales Mastery

Three Months to Unlimited Sales Confidence



The truth is – only 5%-10% of business owners who hire coaches or  attend group programs successfully achieve their goals.

Why?? Most of what you have been taught about sales and mindset just doesn’t work! If it did the success rate would be much higher.

I hear your question – why is your program any different? Why can I expect different results from Discover Your sales Mojo? I have signed up, paid, and shown up for classes, courses, webinars, and coaching and I am still not experiencing the success in my business I expected!!

Keep reading – I am going to explain why you can expect different results with Discover Your Sales Mojo.


Here are some REAL TRUTHS about why the other

programs haven’t given you the results you wanted.

Truth #1 - It is NOT all about the numbers!

Simply making more contacts and presentations WILL not explode the number of your closed sales and provide you with the lifestyle you dream of living!

If you want to increase your sales, every month, without making hundreds of fruitless contacts you must create alignment with your ideal prospects and customer.

Truth #2 - Unfortunately there is no Magic Script! 

The secret to consistent income isn’t a “magic” sales script but mastering your “sales” mindset.  When you master your “sales” mindset you will sell with confidence and ease, with or without a script.

Truth #3 - You don’t have to be a “natural” salesperson, extrovert, or “love” sales to easily and confidentially sell your services and products.

Even if you aren’t a “natural” salesperson and are an introvert, analytical, or energetically sensitive, with the right support and training you can learn how to sell successfully. You can master the ability to sell with confidence and ease without giving up who you are and your values and integrity!  

Truth #4 – The dirty little truth about most of the “sales experts” selling training to coaches, consultants, and service providers is that they have never been a professional salesperson and only sold their own programs.

Learning sales training from an experienced sales professional with 30 years of real-world sales expertise is light years ahead of the training you have previously experienced!

This is why I have created my new sales coaching program!


​Sales Mastery - Three months to Unlimited Sales


This program will hack your sales mindset and skills transforming you into a sales master in only three-months instead of years.

Discovering Your Sales Mojo

This program will help you transform your sales mindset and skills, empowering you to embrace the sales master hidden within, in three-months instead of years.

  • Identify and easily attract ideal prospects

  • Enjoy successful sales conversations with ideal prospects and prospects

  • Create easy and fast connections with prospects and clients

  • Ask for the sale as part of your conversations

  • Close easily and effortlessly

  • Skyrocket your closing rate

  • Blast your business into a fast-growth mode

  • Transform your current limiting beliefs (conscious and unconscious) into powerful new perspectives that will empower you to sell your services with confidence and ease.           

Heading 1

Is Sales Mastery right for you?

​One size doesn’t fit all! Your business is as unique as you are. For your marketing message and sales language to be successful it must be created from the heart of your business and who you serve.


Sales Mastery is a unique program that is customized for your amazing business!

Sales Mastery sets you up to succeed from the start!


We schedule a ½ day VIP Visioning session where we:

  • We will explore where you are now and where you want to go in your business.

  • Identify your ideal Customer and developed alignment with your services

  • Create a Vision for your business for the next three months


​10 one-on-one coaching sessions are included in the program. In these (1 hour) sessions I will teach you how to sell from the heart of who you are and what your value is to ideal your prospects, clients, and customers. As you release and replace old un-supportive beliefs, stories, and feelings about YOU selling your services and/or products, how you are showing up and what you are feeling will transform. From that place we will develop the language for you to talk with your prospects and current clients. I will work with you to practice and refine your sales conversation(s) addressing your negative mindset issues as they show up, in the moment.

The 10 one-on-one Coaching sessions (can include hypnotherapy session if desired) are recorded and available to you for the entire program and six-months following the program. We will schedule them in a time frame that provides you with ideal support on your transformational journey.       

  1. Mindset, mindset, mindset!!! Sales is 90% mindset and helping you develop mind set mastery will be addressed through deep-dive one-on-one coaching/hypnotherapy sessions and incorporated throughout the entire program. I will help you uncover your sales Mojo. You will move from disliking and being uncomfortable selling to not only being a confident and powerful salesperson, but one that looks forward to those previously dreaded conversations with excited anticipation!

  2. Clarity – you will develop a clear understanding of where you are, where you want to be, and the purpose of your business, services, and/or products.

  3. Alignment – creating alignment between what your ideal client wants and needs and what you offer. Understanding how you can provide the highest value to those you serve.

  4. Connection – creating a relationship with your prospects and clients that is centered on their needs and desires.

  5. Communication –You will master the ability to communicate with prospects and clients inspiring them to work with you and enabling you to close with ease and confidence. Closing will become part of your conversation reducing the need for endless closing techniques and struggling with overcoming objections.


​These five keys are interwoven into an experience that creates a beautiful relationship, serving your clients highest good and attracting the perfect prospects to your business. You will close more sales with ease and your revenue will grow with abundance and consistency.

Bonus program that is included:

30-Day Daily Practice – You have immediate access to my 5-day Creating a Powerful Daily Practice program to help you create a practice that will rocket you forward in your business by keeping you focused, centered and on target



Still not sure if this is the right program for you? Click here to schedule a 30- minute Discovery call with me. We will explore the possibilities of working together!

                         Ask me about my Results Guarantee!

The program will focus on helping you master the Five Keys to Mastering Sales!

© 2019 by Patty Tolar.

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