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My Sales and Mindset Coaching is a unique fusion of my 30 years  of sales experience combined with   my hypnotherapy and coaching skills. What I've come to learn is that mindset is at the core of sales success. It is your unconscious mind that sabotages your selling efforts.
When you combine a proven sales process with a transformational

shift of your mindset you'll tap into the real power you have within yourself to authentically sell with

ease and confidence.



I offer Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions in my office in Hamilton, Montana, and over the phone or on Zoom. The many benefits of hypnotherapy include:

  • The ability to transform and enrich your life by changing limiting beliefs and old patterns

  • Healing from past experiences and enjoying the power of a new perspective

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Accelerating weight loss



Magic happens when humans and horses come together. Horses are consummate facilitators in the work of personal development. We incorporate the Ancient Wisdom of The Horse through a series of specially designed activities that allow you to accelerate your personal transformation and blast through limiting beliefs and self-doubt. EFL clients experience amazing personal insight and lasting accelerated transformation. 


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